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Click to see larger, detailed image Tallgrass Midstream (TMID) gathers, processes and treats natural gas for flow into interstate pipelines and on to a diverse customer base that includes residential, commercial and industrial users. Strategically situated in Wyoming’s Powder River and Wind River basins, TMID creates value for customers by taking gas from the wellhead and processing it to interstate pipeline specifications. This allows producers to deliver their product, both natural gas and recovered natural gas liquids (NGLs), to sell in other markets.

TMID assets include natural gas processing plants in Casper and Douglas, a natural gas treating facility at West Frenchie Draw, and the Douglas natural gas gathering system. The Douglas gathering system encompasses about 1,500 miles of gathering lines across four Wyoming counties and is the primary gathering system for TMID’s Douglas processing plant.

The Casper and Douglas plants have a combined processing capacity of approximately 190 million cubic feet per day. The Casper plant also has a fractionator with a capacity of 3,500 barrels per day. The West Frenchie Draw treating facility has a capacity of 50 million cubic feet per day. The natural gas treated and processed at these facilities primarily comes from the Wind River Basin and Powder River Basin.

TMID can transport recovered NGLs to either Oneok’s Bakken Pipeline which connects to the Overland Pass Pipeline for designation at Conway, Kan., or to Phillips 66’s Powder River pipeline for designation to Borger, Tex., for fractionation, storage and resale.

Additionally, TMID owns and operates an NGL pipeline with an approximate capacity of 19,500 barrels per day that transports NGLs from a processing plant in Northeast Colorado to an interconnect with Overland Pass Pipeline.


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