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Cheyenne Connector Binding Open Season

Tallgrass Energy (“Tallgrass”) is pleased to announce a binding open season (“Open Season”) for the Cheyenne Connector pipeline (“Project”). The Cheyenne Connector pipeline is a new, large diameter interstate natural gas pipeline providing the opportunity for natural gas market participants to move gas from supply connections in Denver-Julesberg Basin (“DJ Basin”), located in Weld County, Colorado, to Rockies Express Pipeline LLC’s (“REX”) Cheyenne Hub (“REX Cheyenne Hub”). Tallgrass is developing the Project to connect growing DJ Basin production with the numerous downstream takeaway options at the REX Cheyenne Hub.

The Project consists of an approximately 70-mile large diameter interstate pipeline originating at receipt connections with processing facilities in the DJ Basin and delivering gas to the REX Cheyenne Hub. The Project has an anticipated capacity between 600 MDth/d and 1,300 MDth/d, for which Tallgrass currently has commitments of 600 MDth/d from two pre-arranged bidders. The Project will be a separate interstate pipeline entity regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) subject to its own FERC Gas Tariff (the “Tariff”).

Separately, REX is developing the Cheyenne Hub Enhancement Project to enhance the firm interconnectivity capability of the various pipelines and local distribution (“LDC”) systems located in and around the Cheyenne Hub. The delivery to the REX Cheyenne Hub and the anticipated transformation of the REX hub facilities will provide customers significant diversity in terms of market access. Additional information related to the REX Cheyenne Hub Enhancement Project is available at the following link, Cheyenne Hub Enhancement Project.

It is currently anticipated that the Project will have an in-service date in Q3 2019, subject to the timely receipt of a FERC certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing construction and operation of the Project, as well as all other applicable permits and approvals

The document below provides description of the Project, applicable terms and conditions of the Open Season, the bid submission deadline, bid guidelines, and other relevant information concerning the Open Season

Cheyenne Connector Binding Open Season Project Document
Cheyenne Connector Binding Open Season Bid Form