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Click to see larger, detailed image Rockies Express Pipeline (REX) is one of the United States’ largest pipelines and is transforming into the nation’s northernmost bi-directional natural gas header system. With 42- and 36-inch diameter lines, REX taps major supply basins in the Rocky Mountain and Appalachian regions and serves energy markets across a vast segment of North America. The completion of the REX Zone 3 Capacity Enhancement project that went in service in January 2017 marked the culmination of a series of projects to convert Zone 3 to bi-directional flow and enabled the pipeline to flow up to 4.4 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas in Zone 3. West-to-east long-haul capacity on REX is 1.8 billion cubic feet per day. REX is a joint venture of Tallgrass Energy Partners (50 percent membership interest), Tallgrass Development, LP (25 percent membership interest) and Phillips 66 (25 percent membership interest). A wholly owned subsidiary of TEP operates the pipeline. REX, which became fully operational in 2009, stretches about 1,700 miles from northwestern Colorado and Wyoming to eastern Ohio and, through numerous interstate pipeline interconnects, provides shippers optionality to many major demand centers and large end-users.

To answer the call for more takeaway capacity from the Marcellus and Utica shale plays in the Appalachian basin, in 2014 REX put into service its Seneca Lateral, making REX Zone 3 bi-directional. In 2015, REX completed its Zone 3 East-to-West project, expanding the Zone 3 bi-directional capability from Monroe County Ohio to Moultrie, Ill. This expansion tripled REX’s Zone 3 east-to-west capacity, giving producers a much-needed outlet for getting their gas to Midwest consumer markets such as Chicago and Detroit, as well as to the Southeast and Gulf Coast areas.

With the completion of the Zone 3 Capacity Enhancement project, REX Zone 3 has the capacity to move 2.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day from east-to-west and 1.8 billion cubic feet a day from west-to-east. For local distribution companies, industrial customers, power plants, and third-party pipelines, the bi-directional flow and enhancements mean access to abundant natural gas sources in both the Rockies and Appalachian basins. As the country’s northernmost bi-directional header system, REX will play a crucial role in transforming the nation’s natural gas infrastructure, providing access to emerging U.S. markets as well as access to current high-demand centers, power demand, LNG markets and Mexico.

For more Rockies Express Pipeline operational and shipper information, please visit our Tallgrass Pipeline Interactive Website.


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