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Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission (TIGT)

Click to see larger, detailed image Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission, LLC (TIGT) owns and operates approximately 4,655 miles of natural gas transportation pipelines in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Wyoming. TIGT also owns the Huntsman natural gas storage facility, located in Cheyenne County, Nebraska, which has approximately 35.1 Bcf of storage capacity, approximately 15.1 Bcf of working gas and 210 MMcf/d of peak withdrawal capacity.

TIGT is a subsidiary of Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP.

For more Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission operational and shipper information, please visit our Tallgrass Pipeline Interactive Website.

Services Provided:
     • Firm Transportation Services
     • Interruptible Transportation Services
     • Non-Nominated Storage Services
     • Interruptible Storage Services


For business development:
     • Paula Barrett Gold (303) 763-3345 (Director, Origination) or
     • Brad Bierenkoven (303) 763-3444 (Director, Origination)

For services and pricing:
     • Gary Sanchez (303) 763-3513 (Director, Marketing) or
     • Brittney Kinney (303) 763-3481 (Account Manager)

For pipeline scheduling:
     • Mike Thomas (303) 763-3214 or
     • Scheduling Hotline: (303) 763-2906

For operations: Mick Rafter (303) 763-3689

For right-of-way: Dick Sears (303) 763-3302

For credit worthiness: Nate Lien (913) 928-6042

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