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Click to see larger, detailed image Trailblazer Pipeline Company, LLC owns and operates a 436-mile pipeline system that traverses from Colorado through Southeastern Wyoming to Beatrice, Nebraska. This pipeline provides an outlet for Rocky Mountain gas seeking Midwest and East Coast markets.

Trailblazer is a subsidiary of Tallgrass Energy Partners, LP.

For more Trailblazer Pipeline operational and shipper information, please visit our Tallgrass Pipeline Interactive Website.

Services Provided:
     • Firm Transportation Services
     • Interruptible Transportation Services


For business development:
     • Paula Barrett Gold (303) 763-3345 (Director, Origination)

For services and pricing:
     • Gary Sanchez (303) 763-3513 (Director, Marketing) or
     • Brittney Kinney (303) 763-3481 (Account Manager)

For pipeline scheduling:
     • Mike Thomas (303) 763-3214 or
     • Scheduling Hotline: (303) 763-2906

For operations: Mick Rafter (303) 763-3689

For right-of-way: Dick Sears (303) 763-3302

For credit worthiness: Nate Lien (913) 928-6042

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