Pipelines in Your Community

Are you prepared to respond to a pipeline leak or rupture?

Ensure the safety of your community by familiarizing yourself with the location of pipelines and by knowing how to identify, respond to and prevent a pipeline leak or rupture.

Tallgrass has a solid safety record and is prepared to respond to and manage any disruptions that may occur.  However, a pipeline incident can be dangerous and requires caution and immediate action.

In emergency situations, Tallgrass priorities are the same as yours—protect life, property and the environment.

In addition to 24-hour monitoring and ongoing safety and security procedures, Tallgrass relies on local government and safety officials to notify Tallgrass when you observe potential right-of-way restriction violations or potential damage to our facilities, which could endanger public safety.

Documents for Government & Safety Officials
2015 Public Official Brochure
2015 Emergency Responders Brochure

Locating Pipelines
Recognizing A Pipeline Leak
Incident Response Tactics
Potential Hazards During A Pipeline Incident
Protecting Pipelines & Right-of-Way
HCA Information - Gas
HCA Information - Oil

Tallgrass actively promotes the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness
View information pertaining to Government & Emergency Officials
View Training Scenario Interactive Videos
Responding To Natural Gas Emergencies: Case Study
Pipeline Emergency Response Video