HCA Information - Oil

In compliance with our Integrity Management Program, Tallgrass maintains a list of High Consequence Areas (HCAs) near our pipeline.

A hazardous liquid pipeline HCA, is an area that focuses on populated areas, drinking water sources (to include private water wells), and unusually sensitive ecological resources. We enlist the assistance of emergency officials to identify potential HCAs near our hazardous liquid pipelines.

How do operators of pipelines know where HCA’s are located?

  • High population areas and other populated areas are identified using maps and data from the U.S. Census bureau.
  • Critical drinking water sources and unusually sensitive ecological areas are identified using information from National Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centers in each state, in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy.
  • Because of the complexity of HCAs for Hazardous Liquid Pipelines, the Office of Pipeline Safety identifies and maps HCAs for Hazardous Liquids on its National Pipeline Mapping System ( NPMS). These maps are revised periodically by OPS based on new and updated information.

When identifying a site as a potential HCA one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • Populated areas include both high population areas (called "urbanized areas" by the U.S. Census Bureau) and other populated areas (areas referred to by the Census Bureau as a "designated place").
  • Drinking water sources include those supplied by surface water or wells and where a secondary source of water supply is not available. The land area in which spilled hazardous liquid could affect the water supply is also treated as an HCA.
  • Unusually sensitive ecological areas include locations where critically imperiled species can be found, areas where multiple examples of federally listed threatened and endangered species are found, and areas where migratory water birds concentrate.

If you have a Tallgrass hazardous liquids pipeline in your community and know of locations in your community that may meet the criteria listed above, contact Tallgrass Energy using the link below and a Tallgrass representative will contact you to discuss the potential HCA in your community.

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